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Final Fantasy XV: How to Raise Fishing Level


Final Fantasy XV: How to Raise Fishing Level

Raise Fishing Level – Final Fantasy XV

Each of the four main characters in Final Fantasy XV has their own special skill. Prompto has photography, Ignis has cooking, Gladiolus has survival, and Noctis has fishing. In order to raise the skill levels you’ll have to use them, though some are more automatic than others. For Noctis and his fishing skill, you’re going to have to do a lot of fishing.

First, head to where there is water and look for a Fishing Spot, which will appear as a blue fish with a hook above it on your map. From here, you can cast your line and try to catch some fish. As long as you catch something you’ll gain a bit of EXP towards your special skill, but the bigger and more varied your catches, the better. This means going to different locations, using different lures (which tell you what kind of fish they’re good for), and investing in better lines and reels.

Noctis’ skill is possibly the hardest to raise because it requires that you invest a lot of time into it while ignoring quests, but as you level up you’ll earn abilities to make the going easier. Unless you really want to impress the world with your fishing prowess, you may want to save this endeavor for after you’ve done your exploring. By then, you’ll have plenty of Gil to buy the best equipment.

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