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Final Fantasy XV: How to Get and Craft Magic Spells


Final Fantasy XV: How to Get and Craft Magic Spells

Collect and craft.

Magic Spells – Final Fantasy XV

Magic works a little differently in Final Fantasy XV. Unlike past entries in the series, characters don’t simply unlock and learn new spells as they level up. Instead, players will have to look for magic sources in the world of Eos, gather magic energy, and then craft spells with specific potency once they’ve gathered enough.

First off, for common spells, you can talk to tipsters in the restaurant and they’ll reveal energy sources on your map. You can also stumble upon these sources while you’re out and about. Once you find one, go to it and hold the X button to absorb the energy. To craft and prepare your spells, head into your Elemency menu where you’ll see all the magic energy you’ve gathered so far. Before you can craft a spell, however, you’ll need to make sure you have a free magic flask slot on the right-hand side of the screen. Select an empty slot, choose the magic energy you want to use, and hit the trigger buttons to select the potency you want for your spell.

Once you’ve got the potency right, equip it to your magic flask slot. You’ll now be able to equip this magic spell in one of Noctis’ four weapon slots.

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