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Final Fantasy XV: How to Get AP


Final Fantasy XV: How to Get AP

AP – Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV has players level up to increase their power, similar to how it worked in previous games in the franchise (with some tweaks here and there), but leveling up isn’t all that learning new skills and abilities are tied to. In order to actually unlock new attacks, stat boosts, and skills for your party, you have to spend a resource called Ability Points, or AP for short. Like most RPGs, Final Fantasy XV grants you a few as each of your party members levels up, but that’s not the only way to obtain these valuable points.

You have a few options revolving around gameplay that let you rack up AP:

Leveling up – The aforementioned classic method of leveling up will net you a few points each time. You’ll get around two with each level gained, which isn’t very much.

Kills with Warp Strike – If you actually take out an enemy using your Warp Strike (Lock on and press Triangle/Y) you will earn a single point. Soldiers that use guns tend to be more susceptible to these attacks, so you can rack up quite a few when facing Imperial forces.

Link Attacks – Link Attacks have a chance to grant you AP as well, with a higher chance if you get the kill.

Combat Challenges – There are times when one of your party members in Final Fantasy XV will provide a challenge for a fight you’re entering. These range from doing a certain amount of damage in a set time to relying on specific skills to get your kills. Depending on the level of difficulty of each, you can gain varying amounts of bonus AP.

Training – You can train against your party members at camps with each higher difficulty netting larger amounts of AP.

Conversations – You will have several conversations throughout the game with major characters. If you pick the right response (based on the other character’s personality), you can earn EXP and AP. Some of these conversations even lead to small side quests which can also net you some more points as well as EXP.

Riding Chocobos for a long time (Requires Chocobump skill) – If you have this ability, you’ll gain AP while riding around.

Winning Chocobo Races (Requires Chocojockey) – With this skill you’ll earn Gil, rewards, and AP for winning races.

Fishing (Requires Angler Action skill) – Fishing is a thankless task. Outside of getting ingredients for your cooking, fishing doesn’t give you much else for standing there, fighting with the little sea critters. Spending 18 AP on the Angler Action skills makes it so you at least earn AP for your efforts.

Driving for a long time (Requires Roadrunning skill) – Driving is beautiful, but a bit dull. This skill lets you at least earn some points for the act.

You’ll find that Ability Points will start to come in a lot faster once you unlock all of the skills (which each cost only 18 points). Before you know it, you’ll have a solid team with amazing abilities ready to take on Final Fantasy XV.

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