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Final Fantasy XV: How to Do a Blindside Link Strike Attack


Final Fantasy XV: How to Do a Blindside Link Strike Attack

Blindside Link-Attacks – Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV gives you a ton of different options in combat, and multiple ways to decimate your enemies, including a bunch different link-attacks. These powerful abilities have Noctis teaming up with his allies for powerful combo attacks, and there’s a couple different ways to activate them. One way is the Blindside Link-Strike, that activates when Noctis attacks an enemy from behind.

Blindside Link-Strikes will happen automatically, and basically you need to land a Blindside on any enemy, which means attacking them from behind. This is often easy to do after warping out of the immediate combat zone, and warping in for an attack once your enemy has their back turned towards you. The trick though, is that one of your party members needs to be very close to Noctis when he lands the attack. If one is in range, the two characters will pull off a flashy special attack. Learning how to master Blindside Link-Strikes and other options in combat is the key to success.

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