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Final Fantasy XV: How to Pause Combat


Final Fantasy XV: How to Pause Combat

Pause Combat – Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV does away with the series’ iconic, turn-based mechanics in favor of some good ol’ ARPG real-time. But you don’t have to just be thinking on the fly all the time, there is a Wait Mode within the game that will make combat a bit easier. You’re able to pause combat by turning on this Wait Mode, which was added in with a patch you had to download. Convenient!

Head over to the Options menu after pausing the game. Then, you’re going to want to tab over to Combat. Here is where the two options of Active and Wait are available. With Wait on, you will be able to stop and stare into the abyss as you plot your next move, because everything around your character will pause, too. It won’t be turn-based, as soon as you start moving, the action will ramp right back up again. Just think of it as a game of Red Light, Green Light.

You will have tiny respites of peace by just stopping your character on the field. It might not allow for a ton of strategizing like turn-based gameplay does, but it certainly does provide a little help to ease the hectic action.

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