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Final Fantasy XV: How to Get the Death Spell


Final Fantasy XV: How to Get the Death Spell

Death Spell – Final Fantasy XV

Leading up to the release of Final Fantasy XV, the developers showed off a bit of the action and magic you can expect to use when you finally get your hands on the game. One of the bits of magic was the death spell. It allows Noctis to drain the life force of an enemy in order to replenish his own HP.

Unlike spells that involve Fire, Thunder, and Ice, you can’t craft the Death Spell. It’s actually unlocked late in the story, during the thirteenth chapter mission “A King’s Struggle.” Noctis ends up alone and stripped of his weapons so must turn to the Ring of the Lucii, a royal keepsake that only those with his bloodline can wield. The Death Spell is the Circle (if you’re on PS4) or B (if you’re on Xbox One) attack used by this ring.

While it is incredibly powerful, it’s not very fast. In order to work its magic, this spell drains MP until the deed is done, meaning larger, more powerful enemies can drain all of your MP and still have the possibility of not even going down. Smaller enemies will go down much quicker.

You should note, though, that the attack can be interrupted. With that in mind, you’ll want to use this spell from a distance and make sure to avoid quicker enemies, as they’ll just use that as an opportunity to hurt you.

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