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Dishonored 2: How to Kill Bloodflies Easily


Dishonored 2: How to Kill Bloodflies Easily


In the world of Dishonored 2, no enemy is as terrifying as the Bloodflies, which can infinitely swarm players while causing a fair amount of damage. You will find these bugs very early on in the campaign as they’ve infested the streets of Karnaca. This can be incredibly troublesome as there are quite a few Runes and Bone Charms that they protect. However, disposing of them is not that difficult if you have the right gear to combat their nests.

The simplest way to kill Bloodflies is to fire an incendiary bolt from your crossbow at their nest, as this causes it to not only explode, but kill every insect flying around the nest. Try to hold your incendiary rounds for the nests, as it will make your life far easier if you need to clear out a quarantined apartment buildings.

It’s important to note that regular crossbow bolts, grenades, traps, and bullets will not destroy a Bloodfly nest and will only make them angry. If you are out of ranged options, you can always go in swinging with your sword. Just make sure to take out the hive first before you deal with the flies. Don’t worry, they only take one hit to die, so make sure to not warn other hives if you are going to fight one up close.

The Blood Flies can be very dangerous, but with the right gear you should be able to destroy these annoying bugs with little effort. Make sure to visit our ever-expanding Dishonored 2 wiki for all your tips, tricks, guides, and trophy and achievement walkthroughs.

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