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The Binding of Isaac Appears to Be Heading to Nintendo Switch


The Binding of Isaac Appears to Be Heading to Nintendo Switch

Afterbirth+ is heading to Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and one other console. Is it Switch?

Despite Nintendo Switch’s impending March launch, confirmed games for the console have been few and far between, but there may now be another one to add to the (very) short list. The Binding of Isaac: Afterbrith+ may very well be headed to Nintendo’s hybrid portable/home games console.

“Expect Afterbirth+ on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and one more console,” Tyrone Rodriguez, the founder of publisher Nicalis, wrote in a blog post. “Sorry no PS Vita or Wii U versions. Date? Spring 2017 — we’re already working on the console versions.”

Nintendo seems to have a gag order on official, overt Nintendo Switch game announcements, so this is as likely as we’re to come to actual confirmations ahead of a planned January event. For instance, Bethesda, despite declaring support for the Switch and having had its Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim dominate much of the console’s announcement trailer, has not gone further than the sort of wink, wink, nod, nod acknowledgement Nicalis has offered for The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+.

But with scant other consoles available — it’s highly unlikely Nicalis is porting Afterbirth+ to an older console like the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 — a Switch release seems likely. The spring release window also seems to line up pretty well with the console’s March launch.

Nicalis is currently unsure if Afterbrith+’s console version will have mod support and is “investigating” ways to package it in. The publisher did confirm that mods will not be built in because the tools for it have “very specific requirements.”


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