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Prey Gameplay Trailer Showcases New Protagonist and Spacewalks


Prey Gameplay Trailer Showcases New Protagonist and Spacewalks

Talos 1 Awaits…

Bethesda have just dropped a new gameplay trailer for the much awaited Prey, a mysterious shooter set in space. If I had to give you the elevator pitch, it’s what would happen if Psychonauts had a baby with Bioshock… in space. If that doesn’t grab you already, here’s the trailer in full.

One of the great things about Prey is that the protagonist can be male or female. They’re both called Morgan Yu, and they keep having a recurring dream which takes them to a space station called TALOS 1. On said space station, madness ensues, including an infestation by synthetic monsters that can transform into seemingly innocuous objects.

This means that you could be looking at an office chair, but you better hit it with your wrench or shoot it just to make sure it’s not an evil monster out to get you. Onboard Talos 1 you can also inject your eye to give yourself intriguing powers, kind of like plasmids in Bioshock. One of these powers is the ability to turn into an object just like the spooky inhabitants of Talos 1. This means you could roll around as a coffee cup if you want to and get to hard to reach areas. It’s a genre bending game, and it looks very intriguing!

The video also shows Morgan adventuring in space. The outside of Talos 1 is fully fleshed out, which means that you can spacewalk and explore, and try to work out the mystery behind this crazy space station.

Prey is coming to PC, Xbox One and PS4 in 2017, and if you want to keep up to date, there’ll be more news right here on Twinfinite.

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