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Nintendo Will Continue to Support the 3DS Even After Switch Launch

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Nintendo Will Continue to Support the 3DS Even After Switch Launch

Don’t throw it out just yet.

In an interview with Bloomberg Japan, Nintendo CEO Tatsumi Kimishima stated quite clearly that the Switch is not meant to be a replacement for the 3DS, and that the company would continue to support the handheld. For a while now, the 3DS has remained as Nintendo’s flagship handheld console, and the device has seen more than a few successful titles that were both engaging and fun to play.

With the Switch being a hybrid console between a home gaming device and a handheld, it’s easy to think that the handheld version of the Switch would soon render the 3DS obsolete. However, Kimishima states that will not be the case.

‘During a press conference today, Kimishima not only stated that consumers would realise very quickly that Switch is different from the 3DS, he also stressed that Nintendo is committed to supporting the existing handheld, which has now sold over 60 million units worldwide.’

The Nintendo Switch was revealed last week, and more concrete details about the console will be coming next January.

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