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Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Said to be the ‘Most Comfortable Ever’

Nintendo Switch, pro controller

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Said to be the ‘Most Comfortable Ever’

A smooth feel for the pros.

During an extended interview with Gamexplain, which has since been taken down from Gamexplain’s Youtube page, Twitch streamer dckhisikhan, who appeared in the Nintendo Switch reveal trailer, spoke about how holding the console felt.

When asked about the Pro Controller he said “The Pro Controller is probably one of the most comfortable controllers I have ever held in my hands, honestly, by a good margin, it’s the most comfortable controller I have ever held.'” This is good news for those who don’t want to play using the Joy-con L and R, the two controllers that snap onto either side of the screen and can be combined to form a more traditional controller. The Pro Controller is essentially a Xbox-like controller, giving players a control scheme that they are more familiar with.

The Joy-cons will be the only way to play the console on the go, however. But knowing that the Pro Controller is a step above other play methods is good to know, especially since the world still doesn’t know how the detachable controllers will work.

The Nintendo Switch was finally announced last week, revealing to the world what the Nintendo NX really is. The console/handheld hybrid is certainly a new way to play, as is the company’s return to cartridges as a storage format. We still have thousands of questions about the system, but we’ll have to wait until next year to find out more.

The Nintendo Switch is currently slated to release in March 2017.


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