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Mafia III: How to Start a Stalled Car


Mafia III: How to Start a Stalled Car

Start a Car – Mafia III

Mafia III continues Mafia’s tradition of making driving around a bit more realistic and in touch with real world issues. Some players might be a bit frustrated at times with a seemingly stalled car, though. It’s true, when you first enter a car, it will take a bit of revving to start it up. You’ll typically hold down the trigger to start it, and continue holding it until the engine fully kicks in and you can drive forward.

Sometimes, though, the car won’t start at all. It’s as though it’s stalled, however, this is definitely a glitch on the game’s part. A common one, as many players have experienced it, especially during vital missions where you can’t switch the car you’re driving. Don’t worry, it’s an easy fix. You simply exit the car and re-enter, and you’ll be able to start it up as you normally would by holding down the trigger until it goes.

If the issue persists, try again. Certain aspects of the game are still bugged, and this is certainly one of them. There is no way to pop the hood open and check the engine, so it will work by just exiting and going back in.

For more help with Mafia III, be sure to check back to Twinfinite’s wiki for guides, tips, and more!

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