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Double Fine Showcase Psychonauts 2 Prototype Gameplay


Double Fine Showcase Psychonauts 2 Prototype Gameplay

Welcome Back to Whispering Rock!

Psychonauts 2 is coming soon, and Double Fine have released a video of their first ‘Art Test’ prototype.

The video showcases the gorgeous visuals capable in Unreal Engine 4, and recreates Whispering Rock, the summer camp from the first game which acted as the main hub for main character Razputin Aquato and his pals.

Tim Schafer and Zak McClendon run through a short demo, which shows off some new powers that Raz can use, including cloning through psychic projections and an enhanced version of the telekinesis present in the first game. The art style is unique and a marvel to look at, and the animations look incredibly fluid.

This prototype was created to help visualise how the game would look in the modern era, and give the team some more direction and a base from which to build on.

It’s nostalgic and heart-warming to see Whispering Rock rendered in 2016, and a great sign of things to come for this hotly anticipated game. It’s going to be such a long wait until the game releases in 2018, but it looks like it’s going to be worth it.

For more Psychonauts 2 news, keep it locked right here at Twinfinite.



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