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Battlefield 1 Guide: Where to Find All 66 Field Manuals


Battlefield 1 Guide: Where to Find All 66 Field Manuals

Track those manuals down.

Battlefield 1 features not only a packed offering of multiplayer modes, but a series of campaign missions known as War Stories. Within each chapter of these stories lies a ton of collectibles, including 66 Field Manuals. Collecting each and every one of these will, of course, grant you with achievements, as well as a few different weapon modifications.

Here’s the location of all 66 Field Manuals in Battlefield 1, separated by each War Story. It should be noted that not every chapter in every War Story contains field manuals, but the names of which chapters each is in has been listed.

Battlefield 1 War Story #1 – Through Mud and Blood (20 Total)

Over the Top

FM 1 – First, you’ll need to capture all three points in the village, then make your way up the hill and over the road until you hit a barrier made of overturned logs. This manual will be near a hole in the wall’s exit, near some empty shells and wreckage.

FM 2 – Once you reach the town being bombarded by enemy artillery, head up to the church and makeshift hospital. This manual will be in a crate near a line of pots.

FM 3 – While in the church, make your way out via the back entrance, then turn left. This manual will be in a container along the outside of the church.

FM 4 – This manual is found at Point D, the farm that has trenches dug out around it. Just look for the crate near the building on the right side.

FM 5 – Head up the road from the allied outpost until it hits a hill with a bunch of abandoned vehicles. Once you spot the ones with Anti-tank guns strapped on the back, look near the ground for the manual.

Fog of War

FM 6 – Near the beginning of this mission, you’ll have to fight your way through a series of gun emplacements. Once you near the forest area with a split in the road, head up the right side and you’ll find the crate at the top of the hill.

FM 7 – Stop at the second set of ruins you come across in this mission, and find the remains of a decimated church. Look around the area and you’ll find a bunker. Head inside and you’ll find the manual.

FM 8 – Make your way through the mission until you hit a giant metal bridge with sandbags at various points on it. If you look underneath the bridge, you’ll spot a patch of land that you can drop onto and grab the manual.

FM 9 – Once again continue through the mission, until you hit a series of bunkers built into a large hill. Head to the bunker all the way on your left to find the Field Manual’s crate.

FM 10 – This is found in the same location as FM 9. However, this time look for a supply depot and Weapons Station on the right side of the area’s entrance. If you check behind some dirt mount, you’ll find the manual.


FM 11 – Head to your first objective and once you’ve entered the village, look for a shack in the back left corner. The manual is inside.

FM 12 – If you look down the hill from the first village you’ll spot a large windmill. Head there and find the manual inside.

FM 13 – From the location of FM 12, find the village down and to the right. You’ll see a tank repair station in the village, and to the right of it a large building. This manual is inside the attic of that building.

FM 14 – In the very same village as FM 13, look for a large double-door building with a window and turret nest above the entrance. This manual is upstairs near the turret nest.

FM 15 – If you head back to the same village you found FM 11, you can take a left this time instead of a right. Head up and across a stone bridge, and find a farm house. Head to the backyard and you’ll see a tent, and across from that tent is the manual.

Steel on Steel

FM 16 – There’s a windmill just on the outskirts of the first village you come across. Search inside for the manual.

FM 17 – Head down from the first village and you’ll see yet another windmill off in the distance, next to a river. This manual is inside.

FM 18 – Now turn around and head in the exact opposite direction from the last windmill, not back to the village but past it. Find another windmill and head inside.

FM 19 – Continue through the mission until you are able to exit the first village and the town below it. As you exit the area you’ll run into another windmill next to a stone bridge. Head inside and grab the manual.

FM 20 – Of course, this one’s in another windmill. After finding FM 19, continue on until you see a windmill that sits on a hill and overlooks the town below the first village. You’ll need to drive over the bridge, across the river, and enter the windmill.

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