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Battlefield 1: How to Use Battlepack Weapon Skins


Battlefield 1: How to Use Battlepack Weapon Skins

Make your weapon your own.

Battlepack Weapon Skins in Battlefield 1

Battlepacks make a return in Battlefield 1, granting players the chance at some exclusive snazzy weapon skins. It should be noted that Battlepacks only come with weapon skins, and you cannot unlock new weapons through them.

To get Battlepacks, you’ll either need to play multiplayer matches, where you have the chance at getting one randomly at the end of each match, or by using Scrap to purchase them. You can see how you earn Scrap right here.

Of course, once you’ve opened a few Battlepacks and gotten some new weapon skins, you might be wondering just how you use them. Well, first off, you’re going to need to make sure you’ve purchased and unlocked the weapon that the skin is for before you can use it. You will need to have purchased a weapon with War Bonds before you can equip any skin you might get.

After you have the weapon unlocked, just head to the class menu before battle and find the weapon you want, then hit the triangle or Y button to bring up the customization menu. Here, you’ll see the option to change your weapon’s skin. Now you can head into battle with your favorite skin on you weapon.

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