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Battlefield 1: How to get War Bonds Fast


Battlefield 1: How to get War Bonds Fast

War bonds equal new and improved gear!

How to get War Bonds Fast- Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 didn’t only change the time and setting of the traditional Battlefield game, but it also changes up the progression system to obtain new gear. Essentially, the progression system relies heavily on war bonds. You will need war bonds to buy your new weapons, gear, grenades, and more.

To get war bonds quickly, all you need to do is play the class you want to get more gear for. For example, if want new gear on the assault class, all you need to do is consistently play that specific assault class, match after match. This will allow you to earn a decent amount of war bonds each match for you to spend on all the essential gear to survive in the dangerous trenches of World War 1. Once you rinse and repeat this method, you will be getting new unlockables in no time.

There you have it, here’s the quickest way to earn war bonds in Battlefield 1. For more coverage, be sure to stay right here at Twinfinite for the latest guides, tips, and information.

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