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Battlefield 1: How to Use and Get Emblems


Battlefield 1: How to Use and Get Emblems

Put your mark on the world.

Emblems in Battlefield 1

In true series tradition, Battlefield 1 lets players create and use their own emblems in-game, showing off their colors or logo in battle by basically putting it onto any tank or vehicle. It should be noted that emblems are purely for cosmetic purposes and don’t give you any advantage or extra abilities in battle.

The game’s main menu system has been given a huge overhaul from Battlefield 1, and for the most part things flow together nicely making it easy to navigate. If you’re browsing the menus looking for the emblem option, however, you might be a little lost.

Unfortunately, Battlefield 1 doesn’t actually give you the ability to customize emblems in-game. Instead, you’ll need to use either the companion app on iOS and Android, or the Battlefield website. By using either option you’ll spot the emblem menu on the front page of both, where you can jump in and fully customize what you want your mark to be. You can use whatever shapes, colors, symbols and anything else you want to use. Luckily, both the app and the website will also give you the ability to instantly equip an emblem to your game, provided you have the game linked.

Once you have your emblem created over the app or PC, just select equip and that’s it. The emblem will then be displayed on whatever account you have linked through your Battlenet. There’s nothing extra you need to do at this point, as the emblem will automatically display on any vehicle you hop into, and enemies you kill will see it displayed on the killcam.

So hop online or on your phone, craft your own personal image, and let the world see it. Of course, it goes without saying to refrain from making anything offensive.

Make sure to stay tuned to Twinfinite for more tips, tricks, and guides on Battlefield 1.

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