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Battlefield 1: How to Aim in Bombers


Battlefield 1: How to Aim in Bombers

Bombers – Battlefield 1

Aerial combat in Battlefield 1 is incredibly fun, however, if you grab the right kind of aircraft you can also bring devastation to those on the ground below you. Bombers are some of the most useful planes in Battlefield 1, especially when you’re playing an objective-based game mode, as you can decimate wherever the enemy may be gathered around. However, aiming in a bomber can be incredibly difficult, leaving your explosives to completely miss the target. Here’s how to aim in bombers in Battlefield 1.

If you’re trying to drop bombs in a bomber from the standard aircraft view, you’re going to have some problems lining your runs up. Instead, what you’ll want to do is change your view by pressing Triangle on PS4 or Y on Xbox One. You should now change to a view where you’re looking down with a large circle and a smaller one inside it.

The trick here is to get as low to the ground as possible and to come in on your run flying flat. Any odd angles and your bombs will fly off all over the place. When you’ve acquired your target and have your bomber steady, wait until your target is just above the smaller circle in your reticle. As soon as it’s just above, drop your bombs and you should find yourself dealing significant damage to those below.

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