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Experts Discuss What We’d Do if The Last of Us’ “Outbreak Day” Actually Happened

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Experts Discuss What We’d Do if The Last of Us’ “Outbreak Day” Actually Happened

Short answer? We’d all be in big trouble.

September 26th may seem like another normal day here in the real world, but in the fictional universe of Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us, this was the date in which the Cordyceps virus officially gained the upper hand against humanity, essentially decimating everything we know and love about our earth…nice!

To mark the occasion, the Wellcome Trust has published a new video titled “The Science of The Last of Us”, which features a round-table discussion among scientists, philosophers and game critics about the plausibility of such an outbreak, and how effectively Naughty Dog portrayed it in their critically acclaimed 2013 title.

It lasts for a full fifteen minutes, and you can watch it all for yourself below.

Naughty Dog and PlayStation themselves are celebrating the occasion by running a sale on all The Last of Us content on the PlayStation Store this week, complete with the release of a brand new “Outbreak Day” PlayStation 4 theme which will drop in the coming days.

Specific details about the sale haven’t been revealed, but the PlayStation Store typically updates on Tuesday of every week, so look out for them then.

On top of this, Naughty Dog has unveiled a limited edition Mondo poster, which goes on sale at 10 AM today, PST.

If that wasn’t enough, there is also a 20% discount on all The Last of Us collectibles and apparel on the PlayStation Gear Store right now, so grab em while you can!


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