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PlayStation Move Controllers Rebranded for Upcoming VR Release

PlayStation Move, PS VR

PlayStation Move Controllers Rebranded for Upcoming VR Release

Gaming’s most unexpected comeback?

The release of PlayStation VR is nearly upon us, and it looks as though Sony are gearing up for the launch by re-releasing the PlayStation Move controllers in a brand new package.

GamesRadar+ discovered a listing for the product on EB Games, which shows that the PlayStation Move wands have now been rebranded as “PlayStation VR Move Controller Twin Pack.”

The product contains two move controllers, two USB cables and two straps, and is listed at a price of $119.95 AUD (that’s around $90 in the US).

The product description reads “Enhance your PlayStation®VR* experience – Instantly and intuitively interact with your surroundings in PlayStation®Move compatible games like PlayStation® VR Worlds and Hustle Kings™ VR.”

So far, the listing has only appeared for Australian markets, but we’ll likely hear more about Europe and North America in the coming weeks, with the PlayStation VR headset dated for a release date of October 13th this year.

The PlayStation Move controllers are an optional addition for PlayStation VR users, but will be required for certain games, such as the Batman: Arkham VR experience.



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