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Horizon: Zero Dawn’s EGX Demo Drops Some Story and Combat Details

horizon zero dawn

Horizon: Zero Dawn’s EGX Demo Drops Some Story and Combat Details

Aloy’s past is still shrouded in mystery.

At EGX today, a demo for Horizon: Zero Dawn was live streamed via Twitch, giving small hints as to the game’s mysterious story and gameplay mechanics.

Guerilla Games Lead Combat Designer Troy Mashburn began three to four hours into the game, speaking on the mysteries players would face in Horizon, the most notable being the cause of the machines’ sudden violence. Guerrilla has kept their lips sealed when it comes to the game’s story details, but the demo did reveal that Corruptors, the machines infecting others with this rage, are somehow linked to Aloy’s past.

Washburn also showed off a little bit of the game’s trading system, purchasing a rare slingshot, a rare bow, and a unique vest to help provide her with more protection from machine venom. Vendors will often take metal shards, the common currency, but others will want specific resources in exchange for goods. The game will have an item socketing system as well as color coded items system much like Diablo or Destiny; the rare items Aloy bought during the demo were purple.

When the demo did finally get into combat, Mashburn noted that Aloy can access up to four weapons at the same time, and each can be used while riding a mount. Washburn continued to speak on the game’s Watchers and wildlife. You can check out the full demo footage in the video above.

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This post was originally authored by Matthew Lowe.

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