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Destiny: Xur’s Location and Exotics List for September 30 to October 2

Destiny 2, Xur

Destiny: Xur’s Location and Exotics List for September 30 to October 2

Show me the money.

This week in Destiny, you’ll find Xur, Agent of the Nine, hanging out near the jukebox in the Tower on Earth.

First up, for Titans, Xur is selling the Armamentarium Exotic chest piece.

  • Defense: 350
  • Discipline: 104/129
  • Gain an additional grenade charge.
  • Increased Recovery for 5 seconds after taking Arc splash damage.
  • Carry ore ammo for Special Weapons.

And for Hunters, Xur has the Sealed Ahamkara Grasps Exotic gauntlets.

  • Defense: 350
  • Intellect: 36/53
  • Strength: 36/53
  • Gain additional melee charge, and melee damage may reload Primary Weapon.
  • Increased melee attack speed.
  • Increased reload speed with Sniper Rifles.

Lastly, for the Warlocks, Xur’s got the Voidfang Vestments Exotic chest piece.

  • Defense: 350
  • Discipline: 56/81
  • Strength: 60/85
  • Spawn with full grenade. Axion Bolt gains additional seeker.
  • Increases the amount of Scout Rifle ammunition you can carry.
  • Reduces incoming Solar Burn damage.

Lastly, Xur has the MIDA Multi-Tool Exotic Scout Rifle for sale.

  • Attack: 350
  • This weapon boosts move speed and fires on a hair trigger.
  • Radar stays active while aiming down this weapon’s sights.

This week, his weapon ornaments are: Heart of Gold for Truth, and Iconoclast for the Invective.

In Destiny: Rise of Iron, Xur can now carry Legacy boot engrams too. These Legacy Exotics are mostly for collectors who want to round out their Exotic collection by picking up any pieces of gear they might have missed in the first two years. In addition to that, his inventory stock also now includes two Exotic weapon ornaments per week, which can be bought with Silver Dust. If you want your weapons to look pretty and unique, remember to save up that Dust and bring them over to the strange merchant when he’s in town.

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