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Destiny Rise of Iron Wiki: Wrath of the Machine New Raid Guide


Destiny Rise of Iron Wiki: Wrath of the Machine New Raid Guide

What Is It? Destiny’s new raid for the Rise of Iron Expansion is called Wrath of the Machine. Players will have to confront the true source of the SIVA outbreak that has once again been unleashed by the Fallen House of Devils. The theme of this new raid is “collision.” According to lead designer Gavin Irby, the Wrath of the Machineis “about smashing shit into other shit. The Fallen faction with the SIVA, that’s partly where that comes from, the hybridization and the idea that these two things coming together, that’s some of the shit smashing into other shit.”

It will start similarly to how the first ever Destiny raid, Vault of Glass, began with players gaining access from a public place where other players can show up and help if they so choose. After that, your fireteam will dive deep beneath the Cosmodrome to take care of this threat once and for all.

When Is it Out? The normal mode of Wrath of the Machine will release on Sep. 23, just three days after the launch of the Rise of Iron expansion. This is to give players time to increase their Light Level (which has had a cap increase to 385), so that they are strong enough to face the new challenges.


Make sure to check back in when the new Destiny: Rise of Iron raid goes live for tips, tricks, and guides.

Safe travels, Guardians.

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