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Destiny Rise of Iron Raid: How to Beat Vosik, First Form With Generators


Destiny Rise of Iron Raid: How to Beat Vosik, First Form With Generators

Vosik, the Archpriest – Destiny: Rise of Iron

Destiny: Rise of Iron’s brand new raid just released and Guardians all over the world are testing their might against the new challenges offered by Wrath of the Machine. Of course, before you can actually do anything, you’re going to need to actually get into the area. Here’s what you and your team needs to do.

The raid is located on Earth, just under where the Plaguelands marker on your map is. The first part of the the raid has three fans and and some glowing panels. After stepping on one panel, the boss will appear. It’s time to fight. You actually can’t damage Vosiks, the boss who just appeared. That’s where charges and everything else comes in.

Split into two teams of three. Three runners and three defenders. The runners will run to each of the glowing pads until they have Max charge (it takes four panels) then they will slam them down on the fans. After a few runs, the fans will spit out SIVA bombs. Throw these bombs at Vosik to take out his shield, then pour damage into him.

While charging, the three defenders will need to focus on adds and Voltage Eaters (the large Shanks). As long as you do that, you’ll be fine. It should take about three runs and you can respawn almost immediately after dying.

Just make sure to communicate and keep charging everything at relatively the same time.

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