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Destiny: Rise of Iron – When Does the New Raid Release?


Destiny: Rise of Iron – When Does the New Raid Release?

Destiny: Rise of Iron includes a ton of new content that breathes some much needed life back into the shared-world shooter. One of the new additions is a brand new raid, the first new one in a year, with King’s Fall releasing as part of The Taken King expansion. Most Guardians know that raids are the ultimate test of skill and strength, so it’s no surprise that so many are chomping at the bit to give this new challenge a go.

The new raid, called Wrath of the Machine, will not be available on day one, which should come as no surprise to veteran players. Instead, it will launch three days later on Sept. 23, giving players plenty of time to increase their Light Level which will prove to be very important as it plays a much larger role in Rise of Iron than it did in any other Destiny expansion.

Sept. 23 only marks the release of the normal mode of Wrath of the Machine, though. There is currently no word on when exactly the hard mode of the raid will release. What is known is that the hard mode will bring along a second increase to the Light Level cap, raising it from the new 385 to 400.

Wrath of the Machine will focus on “collision” as a theme, with the idea of strong forces and items smashing into one another driving the experience. It will be interesting to see exactly what that means when players are finally able to dive in and experience it all for themselves.

Safe travels, Guardians.

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