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Apple Watch 2 and Nike+ Watch Revealed, Here’s What’s New


Apple Watch 2 and Nike+ Watch Revealed, Here’s What’s New

A new piece of tech for your wrist.

During its keynote speech, Apple unveiled the Apple Watch Series 2 alongside a number of other products due to release in the coming months.

Destined to continue the success of its predecessor, the Apple Watch 2 has received a bit of a redesign, thanks to the new Watch OS3 which comes complete with a new dock that allows users to quickly access their favorite apps. Apple has bundled in a few other new features such as full-screen effects like confetti, custom messaging using scribble and the ability to double tap a message in order to send a quick reply.

There is also a new application called Breathe which is geared towards helping users take a break from a hectic day. Health and safety is a big focus for the new Apple Watch as the Cupertino company has added a new safety feature that allows users to contact emergency responders simply by holding down the side button. This feature will then contact emergency services through automatic messaging.

The design of Apple Watch Series 2 has been changed on the outside as well. While the original Watch was “splash proof,” the Series 2 will be swim proof by closing all ports except for the speakers. That system has been redesigned so it will eject any water that gets into the device after a swim. The software has been geared towards making sure swimmers enjoy their workout by allowing for tracking of laps finished and calories burnt.

Those who aren’t swimmers but still like to get a good workout going can also take advantage of the built-in GPS. Users simply need to hit start and begin their workout. The watch will reported track where you are and how fast you’re going with pinpoint accuracy. Apple says users will even be able to see variations in their speeds with a color-coded map showing different speeds on your route.

In order to further cater to those who want to take their Apple Watch Series 2 on the run, the company has doubled down on its partnership with Nike. The Apple Watch Nike+ comes with an aluminum case and a special perforated band. The Nike+ Watch offers an application which allows runners to go at their own pace, so beginners can take it easy and more experienced runners can access more features.

In order to try and get people off the couch and out for a run, Apple is starting something called “Just Do It Sunday” since Apple says Sunday is the day most people go for jogs. Users will be able to run at their own pace, and will get personalized coaching, but they will also get access to group runs all over your community.

The Apple Watch Series 2 will also have more power to operate all these new features thanks to a souped-up S2 SIP processor. The screen will be better too, thanks to a brighter display which go up to to 1,000 nits. The company has also souped up the Apple Watch Series 1 and put in a dual core processor in this original version of the Watch while dropping the price.

The Apple Watch Series 2, complete with a new Ceramic White color will be available to preorder on Sept 9, for $369 and will be officially on sale on Sept. 16 and Watch OS3 will be live on Sept. 13 as well. The Nike+ Watch, with its four different color bands doesn’t yet have a release date but will be coming sometime in October. The new price for the Apple Watch Series 1 will now be $269.

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