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Square Enix’s Latest Survey Asks How Much You Love Final Fantasy XII


Square Enix’s Latest Survey Asks How Much You Love Final Fantasy XII

Tell them how much you love FFXII.

The official Final Fantasy Twitter account has just posted a tweet with a link to a rather interesting survey that Final Fantasy XII and Square Enix fans might want to take a look at. The survey questions are simple enough, and they require you to answer what your first Final Fantasy game was, as well as the last entry that you played.

Interestingly enough, the survey also asked if you’ve played the Kingdom Hearts series as well. Square Enix also seems pretty interested in the various game series you’re a fan of. The bulk of the survey is focused on Final Fantasy XII, which is unsurprising, considering the relatively recent announcement of The Zodiac Age. Basically, Square Enix wants to know how interested you are in Zodiac Age, and if anything would convince you to buy it if you weren’t that inclined to in the first place.

The survey is probably meant to gather data for their marketing strategy for Zodiac Age, and possibly to gauge the interest in Final Fantasy games getting ported over to current-gen consoles. If you really like FFXII, make sure to take the survey and tell Square Enix just that.

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