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Your Favorite Games With One Letter Missing Make For Even Better Games


Your Favorite Games With One Letter Missing Make For Even Better Games

We would definitely buy Pokemon nap.

Reddit got together yesterday and had a great idea. Let’s remove one letter from various video game titles, and just see what happens.

This happened:

  • “Rock Ban. There’s no music” – gabatha


  • “Half Lie 2. Misdirection, mischief, and questionable manners.” – BangThyHead


  • “Meal gear. The story of a man tasked with buying silverware.” – Spc_Ops-Fire-Ant


  • “Dad Island. You’re stranded on an island full of middle-aged men making bad jokes.” – The_________________
    • “i’m dying, help!”
    • “Hi, dying, I’m dad!”
    • THEY’RE INFECTED” – CrazyKirby97
    • “Well, they should probably get out of fected.” – Pittyswains


  • “Nopets, a virtual pet game without pets” – truehedgehog


  • “The Last of U. A psychological horror game where you play as someone in a coma, and you get texts that are how your brain is interpreting people in the outside world trying to wake you up.” – A_Wild_Random_Guy


  • “Pokémon Nap. You’re in charge of a Pokémon day care and you have to get all the Pokémon to go to sleep.” – Oraclea


  • “BioSock: You own the world’s first living sock, what will you do next?” – Mushyshoes



  • “Sid Meier’s CV 5. The fifth installment of the franchise where Sid Meier has to list all his professional accomplishments in an attempt to gain employment.” – thehonestyfish


  • “FIFA 217. With all the greatest soccer stars from the year 217 A.D.” – wizzlestyx


  • “Final Fantas – The story of a young man and his group of friends who set off on an epic journey in search of the last known cans of orange soda.” – JonMatrix


  • “I guess removing the ‘e’ from dead results in a lot of funny ones. Dad space. The walking Dad. Dad by Daylight.” – overbread
    • The House of the Dad. Left 4 Dad. Dad Island. Dad or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball.” – cheesechimp


Thanks to Mashedbymachines for starting this up.

What fantastic new games can you come up with by removing a letter? Let us know in the comments below.

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