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Prey’s Gameplay Has a Lot of Eye Stabbing, Glue Guns, and You Can Turn into a Coffee Mug


Prey’s Gameplay Has a Lot of Eye Stabbing, Glue Guns, and You Can Turn into a Coffee Mug

A deeper look into Prey’s gameplay mechanics.

After revealing the first Prey gameplay trailer at QuakeCon 2016, Arkane Studios took some off-stream time to look deeper into the mechanics players will be using to survive Talos 1, an alien-infested space station.

Morgan Yu, the game’s protagonist, will have a variety of tools ranging from a simple pipe to alien powers. Players can customize their playstyle by using different ability-granting Neuromods, which must be inserted into the Morgan’s eye. Morgan can even use the powers of other aliens, such as Mimic, which in the demonstration let him turn into an actual coffee mug and roll through a narrow space. There will also be a time-slowing ability called Kinetic Blast, but it is not as cool as the mug thing. We also got to see Morgan turn into a mine and detonate himself onto a tall ledge. This was also more impressive than time-slowing.

During the presentation, the devs noted weapons would be very rare, adding to the game’s survival thriller atmosphere. Typical firearms like pistols and shotguns will be available, as well as a glue gun that locks enemies down. The Gloo Cannon can also be used to neutralize traps, put out fires, or create ramps. For even more fun, there’s going to be grenades that suck enemies, or Phantoms, into black holes.

Prey is slated to release in 2017 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Let us know what powers you’re most excited to use in the comments below! (Hint: the answer is not time-slowing)

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