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PlayStation 4 Neo to Be Revealed in September — Report

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PlayStation 4 Neo to Be Revealed in September — Report

We could see the new PlayStation generation extremely soon.

Despite rival Microsoft officially announcing its long-rumored Project Scorpio games console at E3 in June, Sony elected to leave PlayStation fans hanging by not showing or even mentioning its equally long-rumored PlayStation Neo console. If reports from Vice and French site Gameblog are to be believed, however, the wait for the PS4 Neo unveiling is almost over.

The reports, which originate from anonymous sources, assert that Sony plans to share the first official PlayStation Neo details at a New York City event on September 7. The event is said to be a “technical showcase,” for which Sony was still sorting out the exact details as recently as a few weeks ago.

A separate source claims that final Neo development kits will be distributed to studios “around the same time” as the unveiling.

Though Sony has not yet “announced” PS4 Neo, they have already shared one morsel of information: all future PS4 games will run on the current version of the hardware, as Neo is meant to complement the PlayStation 4, not replace it. Meanwhile, an unconfirmed Giant Bomb report from April pointed to an upgraded CPU, GPU, and RAM. Neo is also widely believed to be capable of supporting gaming in 4K resolutions and to be more capable of running the PS VR headset than the standard PlayStation 4.

September could be a big month for console unveilings, as Nintendo is also rumored to be formally announcing its NX console next month.


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