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No Man’s Sky: What the Red and Green Percentages on the Trade Screen Mean


No Man’s Sky: What the Red and Green Percentages on the Trade Screen Mean

Know the value of what you’re selling.

Numbers on the Trade Screen – No Man’s Sky

Whenever you meet up with a merchant or interact with a trade terminal in No Man’s Sky, you’ll see a list of items you can buy or sell. If you look a little closer, you’ll see that each item has a small percentage below their names, along with the words ‘market average.’ This is an indication of how valuable that item or mineral is in the particular star system you’re in at the moment.

If the percentage is red, that means you’ll be selling that particular mineral at a price lower than the economy’s market average. This could also mean that the mineral is pretty common and easy to find in that star system. On the flip side, if the percentage is green, you can sell those minerals for a much higher price. This is likely an indication of the rarity and value of that mineral in the star system, and you can potentially make a pretty good profit by selling them here.

Keep in mind that common materials in one star system might end up fetching a really good price in another. So if you have tons of Emeril or Gold stored up, make sure you take them to a star system where it has a green percentage higher than the market average, and sell them off there.

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