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No Man’s Sky: How to Toss and Discard Items


No Man’s Sky: How to Toss and Discard Items

Trash disposal time.

Tossing Items – No Man’s Sky

Your inventory can fill up pretty quickly especially when you’re still early on in No Man’s Sky. At some point, you’ll want to discard some of your more common minerals to make way for more valuable and rarer ones. If your ship’s inventory is full as well, or if you’re just too far away from it to transfer your items over, you can always discard some items currently in your Exosuit inventory.

To do this, head to your Exosuit tab in the inventory menu, and then highlight the item you want to discard. Press the right analog stick down until the item has been discarded. You can also remove upgrades if you want. When you highlight the upgrade and hold the right stick down, the upgrade will be removed, but you’ll still get some of your resources back. So remember to discard those resources as well, if they happen to take up an empty inventory slot.

To avoid having to discard items in No Man’s Sky, be sure to hit up a space station or anywhere that has a trade terminal from time to time to sell off all the cargo you might not want. Some of these resources are better off being spent on upgrades, so try not to discard items if you can help it.

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