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No Man’s Sky: How to Land Your Ship


No Man’s Sky: How to Land Your Ship

How to Land – No Man’s Sky

Anyone can fly around in No Man’s Sky. How difficult can it be to put your pedal to the metal and just do some flips and twirls in the sky, right? But it takes an ace pilot to land a Starship. Or, at the very least, someone who just knows what button to press.

There are actually two different landing situations in the game. One is landing your ship on a planet, the other is landing it on an off-planet base. Here’s how to do each:

  • Land on a Planet: To land your ship on a planet simply press Square/X to slow down, and then Square/X again to land on any level surface. If you’re close enough to the ground, pressing the button once will do the job. Also, if you’re near a base that has a landing pad, you will automatically be guided towards the pad so you look like a professional and not a mess who happened to get a ship.
  • Land in an Off-Planet Base: These are actually really fun to plant your ship inside of. When you approach the base, look for an opening with a green light shining through. You need to fly into that spot. Don’t worry, it looks dangerous but No Man’s Sky will take over for you and set you down safely.

That’s all there is to landing in No Man’s Sky. Have fun exploring the endless universe.

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