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No Man’s Sky: How to Find Your Ship If You’ve Lost It


No Man’s Sky: How to Find Your Ship If You’ve Lost It

Learn how to locate your ship.

Your ship is your everything in No Man’s Sky. Without it, you’d be stuck on a single planet or on the space station forever to live a boring, sad, and depressing existence. Just imagine doing nothing but searching for Carbon until that life support system eventually fails. Luckily that isn’t the case, because you have your wonderful ship to ferry you around the universe, granted you know how to find it.

When you land on a planet or moon, you’ll be able to explore the area on foot for as long as you can keep all of your necessary support systems charged and active. You can stray as far away from your ship as you possibly could want.

However, it is also very possible to get lost in what you’re doing in No Man’s Sky, and lose track of where exactly you left your ship (which is probably why you’re here). You’re in luck, because unlike other points of interest, your ship is always locked into your compass. All you need to do to find your ship in No Man’s Sky is look towards the top of your screen at your directional compass (the top bar that shows points of interest that are in your line of direction). If needed, spin around 360 until you see your ship icon on that compass. Once you see where your ship is located, start making the trek back. That’s all there is to it!

There is… another way to find your ship, though. You could also just die, and you will be teleported back to your ship. But make sure to go to your grave and recover your items back without dying again, otherwise all your materials will be lost forever. We’ll just walk, thanks.

For more help on your No Man’s Sky adventure make sure to check out our wiki filled with guides and tips.

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