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No Man’s Sky Day-One Patch Notes Revealed


No Man’s Sky Day-One Patch Notes Revealed

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From leaked copies leveraging  fan concerns to save-wipes for early adopters, Hello Games have had a pretty rough few weeks regarding their sci-fi adventure No Man’s Sky.

Unfortunately, the game broke street date in a number of locations, and major outlets have streamed/commented on parts of the game. The major concern for the team was that the build they were playing was not their Day 1 build, which means that those lucky enough to own an early copy are technically experiencing something that isn’t a true reflection of their hard work.

Gladly, the team have been hard at work on the Day 1 build ever since the game went gold over five weeks ago. A month of work went into this, and it has finally been revealed to the public in a blog post by project lead Sean Murray. This patch adds a gargantuan amount of content to the game, and it’s worth a thorough read. These range from changing the universe generation algorithm to allow for greater variety, adding ‘extreme’ hazardous planets with blizzards and dust storms, and adding an expansive dietary system for the many creatures you can find in the game (they can now poop valuable resources!)

Hello Games have also added better networking functions to No Man’s Sky. In the launch build you’ll be able to scan star systems to increase the chance of player collision. Perhaps it won’t be so lonely out there!

These are just a few of the many patch notes that you can read over at the No Man’s Sky blog here. Go check it out and see for yourself the amazing amount of content coming on Day 1.

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