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Fallout 4 Nuka-World Has a Use for All That Pre-War Money You’ve Been Carrying

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Fallout 4 Nuka-World Has a Use for All That Pre-War Money You’ve Been Carrying

You’ve been low-key ballin’ this whole time!

While playing Fallout 4 since it’s Nov. 2015 release, you’ve more than likely collected quite a bit of Pre-War Money. As you know, this stuff is as useless as the burnt magazines you stumble upon in rundown locations since the post-apocalyptic barter system relies on Bottle Caps and favors. At least, that’s what most settlers and vault dwellers believed until the release of the new, and final expansion, Nuka-World.

Nuka-World takes place in a theme-park by the same name. Think Hershey’s Park, but instead of a quaint little vacation spot located in Pennsylvania, you have a huge park full of scientific attractions built by the Nuka-Cola company. You’ll find arcades, roller coasters, fun houses, and more. And the best part? This all existed before the bombs fell and has been somewhat maintained to work as it originally did. That means you’ll be able to spend your Pre-War Money on some of the attractions within the park. One such way is to get yourself some shiny tokens for the game’s arcade.

If you’d like to know just how much Pre-War Money you’ve got in your stash, open up your inventory and check your Junk. Since it didn’t have any use before then, that’s exactly where you’ll find it. If you see there’s none in there, check your Settlement storage as it may have transferred along with the rest of your crafting resources.

Are you excited to experience everything that Nuka-World has to offer? Let us know in the comments below.

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