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We Happy Few: What Green and White Item Colors Mean


We Happy Few: What Green and White Item Colors Mean

You’ll scavenge a lot of different items while exploring the world of We Happy Few. Every single thing will get thrown into your inventory. When you go to check what you’ve found you may notice something a bit weird, some of the items are in white boxes and some are in green ones. This isn’t random, though, as each color has a meaning.

Items you see in white boxes are components. These include pieces that can be used to craft other things and empty containers (such as canteens and syringes) that can be filled with something else. White items can’t just be used, they must first be combined into something new which then turns them into a green item or used in a very specific way.

If you haven’t guess it by now, green items in We Happy Few are usable items. These include food, weapons, throwable items, certain tools, and more. If you see green that means it’s ready to roll.

It’s a good idea to keep your inventory organized so things are easier to find when you need to dip into there really quick. Also, you don’t need to carry all of your components with you, you can leave them in the safe. When it comes time to craft, the game counts those items in your personal stash. So you can actually craft whenever you want without fear of not having what you need… unless, of course, you never had what you actually need.

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