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Square Enix to Reveal a New ‘Dramatic RPG’ in August


Square Enix to Reveal a New ‘Dramatic RPG’ in August

How colorful.

The official Square Enix YouTube channel uploaded a new teaser video today, showing off something called a “Dramatic RPG,” as you can see from the katakana characters that appear at the end of the video. You can check out the teaser down below.

Not a lot of information or details were revealed about this new RPG, but it did seem to contain a lot of traditional Japanese themes and elements, so that could be a hint as to what the story might end up being about. We also got a glimpse of a few characters. While there wasn’t any shown gameplay of any sort, the art style looks really colorful and pop-like, which is not something you regularly see in RPGs.

More details about this new RPG will be revealed on August 1, as indicated by the title of the video. We’ll keep you updated as more information about Square Enix’s new project comes our way. What do you think this new project could be? Let us know in the comments down below.

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