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Pokemon GO: Where to Find and Catch Magmar


Pokemon GO: Where to Find and Catch Magmar

Go to fiery places.

Magmar is another rare, high CP Pokemon that you can encounter in Pokemon GO. While Magmar does seem to be one of the rarest Pokemon in the game, you should be able to encounter it at any level, as players have reported seeing it at a trainer level as low as four. Here are a few possible locations you could find Magmar in.

Because it’s a Fire-type Pokemon, you’ll want to try places with hotter, dryer climates. Definitely try hunting for it during the day, and try looking for it in hotter areas like deserts or even tropical countries. So far, most of the player reports about Magmar state that it’s been sighted in parks, so heading to a hot park seems like your best bet right now. Aside from parks, you can also try your luck in urban areas too, where there have been reports of Magmar sightings. Another good thing to note is that even if you spot a Magmar and fail to catch it, coming back to the same location at around the same time of day will allow you to encounter it again because of its fixed spawn point, so don’t lose hope.

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