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Pokemon GO: 10 Tips and Tricks for Beginners


Pokemon GO: 10 Tips and Tricks for Beginners

There’s a long road that lies ahead

Explore Your Surroundings

Pokemon GO

In a game that tracks your movements with GPS and recreates this in the game, this may seem like common sense. However, while it’s easy enough to just stick to your nearby area, heading far away from your home is going to allow for more variety in the Pokemon you come across. Of course, it’s not just Pokemon that you’re going to find on your adventures in the great outdoors. Pokestops and Gyms can be found at local landmarks and places of importance, so make sure to keep an eye out for their blue symbols on the in-game map, too.

The more you explore, the more you will get out of the game. Oh, and the more walking you do with the app on, the faster you’ll level up. Who knew exercise could be so rewarding?!

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