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Pokemon GO: How to Challenge and Take Over Gyms


Pokemon GO: How to Challenge and Take Over Gyms

Better hit the gym!

Gyms are an important part of Pokemon GO. Not only do they offer you a source of Pokecoin income, but they also grant you a means to put your Pokemon to the test against others. Here’s how to challenge and take over Gyms.

First thing you’ll want to do if you’re going to challenge and take over a Gym controlled by another team is check out its stats. Click on the Gym icon and take a look at the Gym’s Prestige level. If this is high, it’s gonna be difficult to take over, if on the other hand, it’s a little lower, you may be all good to challenge it.

To take on a Gym, you’re given the choice of taking six Pokemon with you. You’ll want to take your six Pokemon with the highest CP levels. Then, let the battle begin. In order to attack, all you have to do is tap on the enemy Pokemon. There’s no choice of attacks here. A second attack gets charged up as the fight progresses. Just continue to attack your opposition with your regular attack and this will charge the special attack bar. Once full, hold down on the screen to perform your Pokemon’s special attack.

If you’re victorious in your battle than the Gym’s Prestige level will drop. When the Prestige level reaches 0, the Gym is officially taken over and then it’s up to you to place your strongest Pokemon in to keep it well defended. Over time, your team will hopefully come to your aid and help protect it.

That’s all there is to challenging Gyms in Pokemon GO. Have you successfully taken over one yet? Let us know in the comments below.

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