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Pokemon GO: How to Leave Pokemon at the Gym


Pokemon GO: How to Leave Pokemon at the Gym

Time to pump that iron!

The control of Gyms is an important part of Pokemon GO and you’ll spend a lot of your time going to and from them as you attempt to ensure your team is victorious in their quest for domination of these locations. Here’s how to leave your Pokemon at the Gym.

In order to leave a Pokemon at the Gym and help to reinforce your team’s defenses against others, you’ll first have to be in close proximity to the location. Once you are, you should see that the little icon becomes a little more animated. Tap on the Gym to enter it.

You should now be shown the Gym page. At the bottom of this is the option to ‘Add Pokemon.’ Touch this and then proceed to select the Pokemon you want to add to that Gym. Tap the Pokemon and confirm your choice and voila, they will defend the Gym for you and your team.

There are a couple of things to note, however, about leaving your Pokemon at a Gym. First, you can only do so at a Gym that is controlled by your team. If you want to challenge a Gym, then the process is different and will require a little more input from yourself. Also, you can only ever leave one Pokemon at a single Gym. You can leave Pokemon at as many Gyms as you want, though, so you’ll be able to show your Pokemon off plenty.

However, it should be noted that there is a limit to how many Pokemon can be left at a Gym from all players in that team. This depends on the Gym’s level- the higher the level the Gym is, the more Pokemon can be left there.

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