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Pokemon GO Player Hits the Level Cap, Nothing Special Happens

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Pokemon GO Player Hits the Level Cap, Nothing Special Happens


As your trainer level increases in Pokemon GO, the amount of experience points required to get to the next level increases rather dramatically. Right now, the level cap is 40, and Reddit user problemz has just hit it.

According to him, he used a bot to get the experience points needed to hit the level cap, but he won’t disclose any details about how he cheated so that it doesn’t ruin the fun for other players. Next, he also mentioned that five million experience points were required to get from level 39 to 40, meaning that the total amount of experience points you need to get from level one to 40 is 20 million points.

After hitting level 40, he received a few rewards including Ultra Balls, Lucky Eggs, and Lure Modules. The inclusion of Lucky Eggs indicates that level 40 is simply the hard level cap for now, and it’s likely that Niantic will increase the cap with future updates – maybe once they start adding new generations of Pokemon into the game.

Pokemon GO is now available on iOS and Android devices.

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