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Pokemon GO: Where to Find Kangaskhan, and How to Get One Anywhere


Pokemon GO: Where to Find Kangaskhan, and How to Get One Anywhere

Kangaskhan is a Pokemon very much believed to be unavailable to anyone that’s not located in Australia. It is among four Pokemon rumored to be region-locked, but to be clear, Kangaskhan is in fact in the game, though so far has only been confirmed to be found wild in Australia. If you live on this particular continent, we recommend checking grasslands, forests, or large open fields as those seem to be where they frequent the most. Like any rare Pokemon, use Lures and hang out in areas saturated by PokeStops to ensure maximum coverage.

Now, for everyone else who wants to obtain this wild Pokemon, there thankfully is a different way to get one in Pokemon GO. Kangaskhan can actually be hatched from 5km eggs, regardless of where you live, making this a game of chance and numbers. Maximize your collection of 5km eggs and start hatching. Hang out in areas where you can hit multiple PokeStops at once. This will give you a larger chance of obtaining 5km eggs.

In terms of actually hatching one, make sure to have your app open whenever you’re walking, biking, or driving. The latter will only count if you are going under 20 mph, so if you’re just driving about town, you can rack up some serious mileage. However, we do not condone trying to play Pokemon GO while driving, just turn your phone on and set it in the passenger seat away from you. With a bit of luck and some serious sore legs, Kangaskhan and her adorable child will be all yours!

Looking for any other Pokemon? Check out our ever-expanding location guide, and for more tips and tricks, here’s our Ultimate Pokemon GO Guide, filled with everything you need to know.

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