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Montezuma and the Aztecs Announced as Timed Civilization VI Preorder Bonus


Montezuma and the Aztecs Announced as Timed Civilization VI Preorder Bonus

Anyone fancy a game of Tlatchli?

2K have announced today that Civilization VI will have a pre-order incentive. Montezuma and the Aztecs are returning from Civilization V, and will be available to those who pre-order the game exclusively, until the leader is released to the public 90 days later.

The ‘Aztec Civilization Pack’ comes with Montezuma, as well as 3 unique in game assets, those being a unique unit, building and wonder.

Unique building Tlatchli is based in the entertainment district and gives amenities, faith and great general points. Eagle Warriors will act as the Aztec’s unique unit, who can transform defeated enemies into builder  units. Their unique wonder is the Huey Teocalli, a mesoamerican pyramid surmounted by a temple, which although hasn’t had it’s features announced yet, will most likely give a large amount of faith.

2K also outlined how the Aztec civilisation’s special abilities works in the game. Montezuma’s unique power means that each luxury improved in Aztec cities strengthens their offensive capabilities. Their builder units can also speed up the construction of districts, making them a powerful, expanding civilisation to take control of in Civilization VI.

For more Civilization VI news, keep it locked here at Twinfinite.

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