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A YouTuber Gave the Pope a Copy of Undertale

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A YouTuber Gave the Pope a Copy of Undertale

Gain more love, not LV.

Everyone needs to play Undertale, and yes, that definitely includes the Pope as well.

YouTuber MatPat from the Game Theorists is popular in the gaming community for discussing fan theories, and he got the opportunity to meet the Pope earlier this year. He brought along a gift for the Pope, and decided that a copy of Toby Fox’s indie game Undertale would be the perfect choice.

According to MatPat, this year was the Pope’s self-proclaimed year of mercy for the Catholic church, and surmised that a game like Undertale would be the most appropriate gift. After all, in order to reach the game’s true ending, you have to be merciful and choose not to attack any of the monsters you come across. Instead, you have to spare their lives and befriend them.

Given that Undertale’s underlying message is all about making the effort to understand your enemies instead of harming them, it certainly does seem like the perfect choice. The game is now available on PC via Steam.

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