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The Screaming Woman at Bethesda’s E3 Was an Utter Delight


The Screaming Woman at Bethesda’s E3 Was an Utter Delight


E3 gets pretty much everyone excited, but there’s no denying that sometimes during the conferences, the applause and enthusiasm doesn’t entirely feel genuine. It’s an open secret that some audience members are secretly employees that are there to start the sea of applause, but even with that in mind, there was a woman during Bethesda’s presser who seemed genuinely enthused, particularly when Elder Scrolls Legends wrapped up its intro cinematic.

Lest you think she just cared about ESL, she also lost it over pretty much everything related to Bethesda, and she quickly became the internet’s favorite person with her enthusiasm for everything the studio had to offer.

Nothing would stop her from screaming, not murder…

And certainly not VR.

Maybe we’ve found our culprit?

Eventually, the Bethesda Woman (our name for her) got so enthusiastic that everyone got existential and began to long for her on Twitter.

Here’s to you, Bethesda Yelling Girl. We don’t know your name, we only know you by your screams. Here’s hoping you bring that intensity to the rest of E3 2016. Because we could use some of that, even if it turns out that you’re being paid to be that intense.

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