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Splatoon is a Resounding Success for Nintendo in Japan

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Splatoon is a Resounding Success for Nintendo in Japan

Seriously fresh.

Splatoon, one of the Wii U’s most beloved games, has sold consistently well across the world since its release. However, the game is doing particularly well in Japan. Splatoon is the most successful new console IP for Nintendo in its home country since the ‘Wii’ series of games.

Splatoon has sold an impressive 1,357,000 copies in Japan alone, while the Wii U itself has shifted close to just over 3 million units. These numbers mean that Splatoon has amassed a whopping almost 50 percent attach rate on the console.

The game has seen a great amount of success across the world, having sold 4.27 million copies as of March 2016. The game was the fastest-selling new franchise on the Wii U in the UK and it received critical acclaim from a number of outlets. The game was well-received by fans as well, and even has seen in-game merchandise appear in franchises like Super Smash Bros, and Nintendo’s new mobile game, Miitomo.

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