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Overwatch Tips: How to Play D.Va


Overwatch Tips: How to Play D.Va

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D.Va in Overwatch


D.Va is one of the tank characters you’ll be able to take control of in Overwatch. If you enjoy getting up close and personal with your foes, and being able to fly around the arena, and cause large explosions with your mech, D.Va is the character for you.

To start off, D.Va’s mech is equipped with dual fusion cannons, which will serve as her main mode of attack. However, the important thing to note is that these cannons are best effective at close or midrange. Shooting enemies from a distance is ineffective, as the damage drop-off is rather significant. If you want to deal the most damage in the mech, you’ll have to get closer to your foes. Your movement will slow down considerably whenever you’re firing the cannon, so be sure to let go of the trigger when you need more mobility.

Thankfully, she also has a boosting ability that will allow you to escape the battle quickly if you need to. You can boost in any direction she’s facing, including skywards, and this can be helpful if you need to escape and pick up a health pack. By boosting upwards, D.Va can also reach higher ground where she’ll be able to pick off long-range characters like Widowmaker or Pharah. If you want to use this ability more offensively, D.Va can even deal a bit of damage to foes with her boost, and knock them off ledges.

D.Va also has a Defense Matrix, where she can call up a personal shield to block incoming attacks. While this will not counter melee damage, Defense Matrix coupled with the boost can come in very handy if you’re trying to take down fast shooters like Bastion.

Lastly, her Ultimate ability allows you to eject from the mech and have it self-destruct, creating an explosion that covers a large radius. This is a move that you should use when you’re low on health, and surrounded by enemies. The explosion is so devastating, it’s almost sure to insta-kill any enemies standing nearby. However, while the explosion will not kill your allies, it’s important to note that D.Va herself can be killed by the explosion, so be sure to scramble for cover once you’ve left the mech.

In human form, D.Va is equipped with an automatic blaster. D.Va is significantly weaker without the mech, but she also moves a lot faster. Unlike the mech’s fusion cannon, the blaster doesn’t seem to suffer from damage drop-off, so I advise firing at your foes from a distance, since you’ll be easy to kill in this form. Once your Ultimate ability has charged up, call in another mech and start your assault again.

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