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Overwatch: Escort Tips and Tricks


Overwatch: Escort Tips and Tricks

The most frantic game of tug-of-war you’ll ever play

Take Down Supports First

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Supports are a fundamental part of any team on any game mode. Providing boosts or a source of health regeneration for the rest of the team, these characters make up for their lack of offensive power with the ability to keep the rest of their team in the game. Therefore, you’ll want to make sure that as soon as you spot a Support character boosting the stats of its team members that you make them your first priority. Unloading clip after clip of ammo at a Tank Hero is going to get you nowhere if there’s a Support stood nearby healing them the whole time. In fact, it’s a sure-fire way to draw attention to yourself and wind up dead.

Your first priority when you’re joining a fray should be to take down the Support characters. With these out of the way, the rest of the team should fall much faster and allow you to either start advancing or pushing back the Payload.

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